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Let’s honor the heroes that keep the lights on.


Flint Hills Rural Electric Cooperative Association is a nonprofit and member-owned cooperative. Flint Hills RECA's mission statement is to provide a Safe, Reliable, & Affordable Power Supply while maintaining the Cooperative as a Valuable Business while Preserving and ultimately Returning Member's Patronage Capital.

Trustee Election Results:
The election committee met on March 14, 2018 to open and count the 2018 mail-in ballots.  The nominees elected are as follows: District 1 - Dale Andres.  District 2 - Korby Effland.  District 3 - James Witt.  District 4 - Terry Olsen.

Help us locate former members:

Flint Hills RECA has been unable to locate the formers members listed on this form.  They have unclaimed Capital Credit refunds that were retired more than three years ago.  If you know any of these former members, please have them call us.

Payment Options:
For making payments by phone, we now have a toll free number for you to use - 844-241-0264.  For more information, see "Payment Options".
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