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Cold Weather Rule

FHRECA Cold Weather Season Policy

Flint Hills RECA will not disconnect a qualified, non-Pre Pay member’s residential service when the National Weather Service office forecasts the temperature will drop below 35 degrees in the 24-hour period following the time of disconnection unless it is

  • 1) at the customer’s request 
  • 2) the service appears abandoned,
  • 3) a dangerous condition exists on the customer’s premise,
  • 4) the customer violates any rule of the Coop which adversely affects the safety of the customer, or other persons, or the physical integrity of the Coop’s delivery system, or
  • 5) the customer causes or permits unauthorized interference of electric service situated or delivered on or about the customer’s premises.

The member can avoid disconnection by bringing his/her electric bill current to the scheduled disconnect time. The Cold Weather Season Policy is to insure that human health and safety are not unreasonably endangered during the cold weather months.

For more information concerning assistance with your bill, please contact Flint Hills RECA at 620-767-5144.

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